Anna Herburt

Anna Herburt was born in Poland in 1953, the daughter of a family who had a keen interest in art for many generations. When in Poland, Anna was trained as a primary school teacher. During this time she observed children painting and began to be interested in pursuing a naïve style. This was the inspiration for her to start painting in this style, beginning with a picture of a traditional village painted in reverse on the back of a sheet of glass. This type of work continues to be of interest in the work she creates today.

In 1988 Anna began to take an interest in Polish and Russian religious icons and started lessons with the Master, Jan Dobrzyski who taught traditional egg tempera techniques. In these icons it was always her goal to keep  her work as simple as possible. It was this simple style which dominated Anna’s work and stood in contrast to the technically perfect and intricate works of masters such as Rublov.

After the tragic drowning of her husband, then sudden death of her mother in 1992, Anna’s life changed dramatically. It was then she turned to art as comfort and solace. In 1995 she married Australian artist Marek Herburt also from Poland, and they started a studio in Snowtown, South Australia. They developed different styles but shared the same passion for painting which keeps them painting together and sharing their ideas.

In recent years Anna has varied her activities to encompass still life painting, for which her natural talent for observation is evident, family portraits, and wool felting as wearable art.